Join a Dsrupt Group to create your growth plan in just 12 weeks

Join a group of up to 10 business owners alongside a Dsrupt facilitator to follow a structured programme working your way through the content.

How do groups work?

A Dsrupt group is a set of like-minded business owners following the Dsrupt learning journey together. You’ll still use the Dsrupt platform to create your growth plan, but each fortnight you will check in with the group and it’s facilitator to ask questions and learn from each other.

Groups are great because they follow a structured process over a specific time period. If you’re someone who likes to procrastinate or is easily distracted, joining a group might provide the motivation you need to stay on track and complete your growth plan.


  • We have courses starting at regular intervals so you can select one that suits your timetable.
  • Every fortnight you will have a set amount of content to get through on the Dsrupt platform which will include watching videos on specific topics and completing the related thinking and decision tools.
  • You’ll meet online via Zoom at the same day/time every fortnight for seven sessions.
  • Each Zoom session lasts 90 minutes, where you will review the content from the week with the group and use each other’s experience to answer any questions.
  • Each session will be recorded, so you can re-watch or re-listen at your convenience.

Why join a group?

#1: Learn from others
There’s nothing like a group of ambitious business owners to catalyse your own growth. They are going through similar things as you, and you’ll be in a sort of growth incubator together.

You’ll get to learn from other business owners experience, and by doing so, you’ll realise that you are not alone. It’s amazing how much you can learn from listening to someone else discuss the problems they are facing.

#2: Networking and community
If you get a little scared when you hear the words “group coaching”, don’t worry! You might have had bad experiences with groups before. But we call it a cohort for a reason. You will have the opportunity to network with other business owners like you if you choose to, and they can be allies with a shared purpose of helping each other grow.

#3: Save money
It’s cheaper than one-on-one coaching, where business coaches charge a lot more to take you through the same process one-on-one. Money can be a barrier, so our cohorts are a great alternative to get started with this work and get very powerful results.

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Learn how to work on your business, not in it.
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Other ways to create your growth plan


Follow Self-Led Learning

Create your growth plan on your own, but let our curated training and courses guide you. Get started in minutes and follow your own schedule.


Attend a 1-Day Workshop

Our 1-day immersion workshops explore how to get the most out of the platform. Then follow the online training at your own pace.


Work 1:1 with a Coach

Hook up with one of our Dsrupt coaches for a completely tailored experience. Explore the content in detail focussing on the areas you need most.