Get the most out of Dsrupt with a 1-day workshop to get started on the right foot

Our 1-day immersion workshops explore how to get the most out of the platform. Then follow the online training at your own pace.
How do workshops work?

Dsrupt workshops are an in-depth introduction to the growth planning process.  During the workshop a Dsrupt facilitator will explain the frameworks that underpin the Dsrupt platform so that you have a really solid foundation to build your plan upon.  You will also walk through the platform features and functions so that you  don’t waste any of your time figuring out what you’re supposed to do.

The aim of the workshop is to learn about the tools in thw platform and the 16 levers for change and make the decisions that will set forth your future direction!

Why join a workshop?

#1: Learn from an expert
Attending a workshop will introduce new ideas and inspire participants to further explore the platform on their own.  As well as hearing the facilitators knowledge, statistics and case studies, workshops are set up in such a way that you will also benefit from exchanging ideas and knowledge with the other participants or business owners. They may have had a similar problem in their business that they managed to solve, or maybe in a process they are a little further ahead than you can offer their advice that could benefit your organisation.

#2: Networking and community
Everyone does not have the same view of the world, and their understanding of something may differ dramatically from yours. Attending a workshop serves just this. You can get a remarkably unique or new perspective altogether from other attendees. A workshop gives you as a business owner the best opportunity to meet other people who share your challenges. It is always a pleasure to meet other business owners with the same enthusiasm that you have.

#3: Save money
It’s cheaper than one-on-one coaching, where business coaches charge a lot more to take you through the same process one-on-one. Money can be a barrier, so our workshops are a great alternative to get started with this work and get very powerful results.

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Learn how to work on your business, not in it.
You’ve probably heard that before but Dsrupt will show you how to make it a reality.

Other ways to create your growth plan


Follow Self-Led Learning

Create your growth plan on your own, but let our curated training and courses guide you. Get started in minutes and follow your own schedule.


Join a facilitated group

Join a group of up to 10 business owners alongside a Dsrupt facilitator to follow a structured programme working your way through the content.


Work 1:1 with a Coach

Hook up with one of our Dsrupt coaches for a completely tailored experience. Explore the content in detail focussing on the areas you need most.