Learn how to create a strategy plan for your business

Dsrupt is an online learning programme for ambitious business owners seeking step-change growth. 

How does it work?

Creating a strategy plan for your business is easy with our self-led learning in the Dsrupt platform.

6 Learning Modules

The self-led learning modules let you learn at your own pace and focus on the areas you find most beneficial.

Micro Video Lessons

A series of micro video lessons (5 – 10 mins duration) teach you the key concepts you need to develop a 360 degree strategy.

Interactive Tools

Interative online tools allow you apply your new knowledge to your situation and quickly go from idea to decision.

Dynamic Plan

At the end of the programme you will have created your dynamic strategy plan. You can continually revisit, clarify & update the plan.

Our online learning modules are designed to take really complex business ideas and break them down into simple, bit-sized chunks that are easy to understand and apply to your situation. Rather than broadcast long classroom lectures, ideas are introduced via short, high quality videos. You can then apply what you’ve learned to your own situation, testing your new knowledge with interactive tools that offer meaningful insight.

Full Access Pass

$1,500 NZD

incl. GST

  • 6 learning modules covering Ownership, Market, Offer, Operations & Strategy
  • 25 video lessons on the 16 decision levers
  • 58 online exercises and decision tools to define your strategic plan
  • 50+ pre-defined initiatives you can choose from to put plans into action
  • Invite multiple users from your organisation to particpate
  • A dynamic strategy plan with a holistic view of your business
  • 10 day money back guarantee (no questions asked)
Learn how to work on your business, not in it.
You’ve probably heard that before but Dsrupt will show you how to make it a reality.
Objectively assess your current performance

The Business Assessment Rating (BAR) tool lies at the heart of the programme and enables you and your team to objectively assess your business across four growth dimensions.  Alignment on where your business is today is a key step in the growth journey.


Know what you don’t know

83 lessons spread across 6 modules provide a wealth of content covering all facets of business growth.  Our highly engaging and interactive lessons teach you about each topic and then guide you through the decision making process to apply the concept to your situation.

16 decision levers for strategic growth
An interactive tool for each of the 16 decision levers allow you to quickly decide on the future direction of your business.  We provide all the possible options to choose from to ensure the decision making process is simple and you are able to apply the framework to your situation.
Pre-populated initiatives to kick start your journey
Decisions without action won’t change the growth trajectory of your business, so we guide you through the process of selecting and prioritsing relevant initiatives that will embed your decisions throughout the business.

Business growth made easy

There are only two things that determine how your business turns out; luck and the quality of your decisions. You have control over one of those two things. Dsrupt is about understanding the strategic decisions you should be answering and helping you answer them.

Programme Overview


Business Overview

Learn how to think strategically & purposefully about building wealth from your business asset.


Why are we in business?

Clarify your business objectives and identify the journey you will need to take to realise them.


Where should we play?

Give you the ability to see the chess board your business is playing on and identify how to compete.


What should we offer?

Help you to identify the most compelling offer and lucrative business model to capture the market.


How will we will deliver?

Ensure owners are most effectively leveraging their capital to build a repeatable and scalable business.


When should we act?

Identify the priorities to move your business forward on your new trajectory and create the strategic plan.

The Outcome

At the end of the programme you will have developed a clear picture of your current business and its growth potential, and you will have created your very own plan for growth. 

This is a not a static plan that will be tucked away in a drawer somewhere, but it is a dynamic plan with a series of clearly defined actions that you have selected to move your business forward on a new growth trajectory.


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Supercharge your business growth by learning the secrets of high performing businesses.  Dsrupt will give you the confidence to follow your ambition and grow your business to the next level.